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The BTS Skytrain is the safest, most comfortable and convenient way to get around Bangkok. In service since December 5, 1999, it has transformed the face of public transportation in the Thai capital, for the first time offering both residents and visitors a comfortable ride through central Bangkok - lifting commuters above the chronic congestion, noise and pollution of the streets below.

BTS StationBTS StationBTS Station

The typical station consists of two levels - concourse and platform. The concourse provides ticketing facilities and other passenger amenities as well as access to the system. The platform is for waiting, boarding and alighting from the train. Please be aware that the train may approach the platform anytime, from any direction.

The trains are designed to high international standards. Doors open / close automatically. Beeper sounds will warn you when the doors are about to close. If standing please stand clear of the door's at all times.

Stay away from the track and electrified rails. Pay attention to all warning signs. Trespassing onto the track area can cause severe injury to yourself or others.

Tickets - Ticket Types:
icon Smart Passes
- BTS Sky SmartPass
BTS Sky SmartPass Passes are available for purchase starting at a minimum price of 100 Baht which includes :
1.Traval Value 70 Baht
2.Deposit 30 Baht (not included in travel displayed on Automatic Gate)
*Price excludes 30 Baht issuing fee, applicable for a new SmartPass (non-refundable)

- 30 Day SmartPasses
30 Day Student SmartPass 30 Day Adult SmartPass
30 Day SmartPasses 15 trips, 300 Baht (20 Baht per trip) 30 Day SmartPasses 15 trips, 375 Baht (25 Baht per trip)
30 Day SmartPasses 25 trips, 450 Baht (18 Baht per trip) 30 Day SmartPasses 25 trips, 575 Baht (23 Baht per trip)
30 Day SmartPasses 40 trips, 640 Baht (16 Baht per trip) 30 Day SmartPasses 40 trips, 840 Baht (21 Baht per trip)
30 Day SmartPasses 50 trips, 750 Baht (15 Baht per trip) 30 Day SmartPasses 50 trips, 1,000 Baht (20 Baht per trip)
** Price excludes 30 Baht issuing fee for a new SmartPass**
icon Magnetic Pass
- One Day Pass
One day pass 1. Valid for unlimited rides on date of issue or registration only.
2. Non-refundable
3. Available at all BTS Ticket Offices.
- Single Journey Ticket
Single Journey Ticket 1. This ticket is valid for a single journey, with fare according to chosen destination. (starting at 15 baht, up to 40 Baht per journey)
2. Valid for travel on date of purchase only.
3. Ticket will be retained at an Automatic Gate upon exit.
4. Single Journey Tickets can be purchased at any Ticket Issuing Machine (TIM), Integrated Ticketing Machine (ITM) and Ticket Vending Machine (TVM).

Ticket Usage
1. Purchase a ticket from the Ticket Issuing Machine or ticket office.
2. To enter the the skytrain system, insert the ticket into the entry gate and be sure to hold on to it - you will need it to exit.
3. To exit, insert the ticket into the exit gate. The Single - Journey Ticket will be taken; the Stored-Value Ticket will be returned to commuters for future rides.

Conditions of Use
Sky SmartPass
- Any value remaining over 2 years date of issue of last refill, or last use of travel, cannot be exchanged for cash or other services of any kind.
- 5 years Cared Life starts from date of issue.
- Value on Passes may be refilled at anytime. The minimum value that may be added is 100 Baht and maximum stored value (including deposit) must not exceed 2,000 Baht.

30-Day SmartPass
- Trip on passes valid for 30 days
- Unlimited travel distance for number of trips specified
- Passes should be used within 45 days from date of issue or trips refilled, after which any remaining trips be automatically cancelled. New trips must then be added to validate a pass for further travel.
- 5 Year Card life starts from date of issue. Cards may be refilled with trips after the first has been used, or validity expires, upon promotion as specified by the Company regulations.
- Passes are non-refundable.
- BTS 30-Day Students SmartPasses may only be used by current fulltime students, aged not over 23 years, according to date of birth on Citizen ID and currently studying at an academic institution in Thailand, or studying in a foreign country at an academic institution recognized by Ministry of Education. Student ID and Citizen ID must be presented upon request by BTS Staff. Misuse of pass, or abuse of pass conditions, will result in forfeiture of the pass, together with any remaining value, In addition, a fine not exceeding 20 times the maximum fare, will be imposed.
- For the convenience of passengers, ID cards are not required to be shown when purchasing passes.

Refunding tickets
1. SJT Tickets: If a passenger purchases a ticket and is within the system less than 5 minutes or does not enter the system and decides not to travel an immediate cash refund can be obtained by applying at the BTS Station Ticket Office at the station where the ticket was purchased. An immediate cash refund can also be obtained in case of train delay.

2. Concession Tickets: These tickets are non refundable.

3. Sky Card: If no value or negative value remains on a Sky Card ticket a cash refund of net ticket value (30 baht - negative value) can be obtained immediately at any Station Ticket Office. If there is value remaining on the ticket and the passenger wants a refund then the passenger must request a refund envelope at any BTS Station Ticket Office. It is then necessary to fill in the required information, insert the ticket to be refunded into the envelope and return it back to the Station Ticket Office. The refund envelope's stub will be returned to the passenger for reference. A refund in the form of a check will be available in two weeks time. Passengers requesting a refund will be notified by telephone when their refund check is ready. Refund checks can be picked up at the station where the refund envelope was submitted.

Replacing tickets
Concession Tickets - in case of a damaged or malfunctioning ticket the passenger should take the ticket to any BTS Station Ticket Office where the ticket will be analyzed. If it is possible the station staff will replace the ticket immediately. If not, the ticket will be sent to the Head Office. In this case a new ticket will be sent to the station where the complaint was registered within 3 working days.

Sky Cards - Replacement of Sky Cards will follow the same procedure except if the ticket must be returned to the Head Office in which case a new ticket will be made available within one weeks time.

Expiring Sky Card - Sky Cards have a 2 year validity period. The expiry date of a Sky Card can be checked at any BTS Station Ticket Office. If the ticket is close to the expiry date the passenger can ask for an immediate replacement. The deposit and any remaining value will be transferred to the new ticket at no cost.

1. Elevators for the handicapped can be used with the assistance of our staff. They are available at the following stations: Chong Nonsi (S3), Siam (CS), Mo Chit (N8), Asoke (E4), On Nut (E9), Bang Chak(E10), Punnawithi(E11), Udom Suk(E12), Bang Na(E13), Bearing(E14), Thon Brui(S7) and Wongwian Yai(S8)

 2. Connected Buildings : Several main stations have skybridges, walkways that conveniently connect to the station’s concourse directly to the neighboring shopping and commercial centers. Currently:
- Victory Monument (N3) : Fashion Mall, Century The Movie Plaza, Uthumporn Building
- Ratchathewi (N1) : Asia Hotel Bangkok, Vie Hotel Bangkok (nearby), Hotels in Ratchathewi area
- Siam : Siam Center, SiamParagon, CentralWorld, The Offices at CentralWorld, Digital Gateway
- Chit Lom (E1) : Central Chid Lom, Gaysorn, CentralWorld, The Offices at CentralWorld, Maneeya Center, Renaissance Bangkok Hotel Ratchaprasong, Amarin Plaza, Erawan Bangkok, Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, Erawan Bangkok
- Phloen Chit (E2) : Park Ventures, Wave Place Building (Home Pro Plus), Web Sawadee Co.,Ltd.
- Asok (E4) : Robinson, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Times Square Building, Exchange Tower, Interchange 21, Terminal 21
- Phrom Phong (E5) : The Emporium, Hotels in Phrom Phong area
- Thong Lo (E6) : Noble Remix
- Ekkamai (E7) : Nusasiri Grand Condo, Major Cineplex, Hotels in Ekamai area
- On Nut (E9) : Tesco Lotus, Imm Fusion Sukhumvit (nearby)
- Ratchadamri (S1) : St. Regis Hotel
- Sala Daeng (S2) : Silom Complex, Thaniya Building, J-City
- Chong Nonsi (S3) : Sathorn Square, Sathorn Nakorn Tower
- Surasak (S5) : Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok
- National Stadium (W1) : MBK Center, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Tokyu, Siam Discovery Center

3. BTS Tourist Information Centers : For tourists, both Thais and foreigners. You can contact the tourist visitor centers, and 3 of the BTS Saphan Taksin Station and Phayathai, Bangkok.

Transportation Parks Hospitals
Eastern Bus Terminal E7 Chatujak Park N8 Paolo Memorial N7
Hua Lampong Main Railroad Station W1 Lumpini S2 Bamrungrad Medical Center E3+
Northeastern Bus Terminal (MoChit 2) N8 Suan Luang (Rama 9) E9+ Bangkok Christian S2
Web Sawadee PLC & 12Book booth E2 Botanical Garden E9+ Bangkok Nursing Home S2
Central Pear Sathorn (Taksin) S6 Dusit Zoo N3+ Samitivej E5+
    Queen Sirikit Park E5    
    Santipharp (Peace) Park N3    
Cultural Centers and Monuments Markets and Shopping Centers
Erawan Shrine E1,S1 Amarin Plaza S1 Narayana Phand (Handicraft Center) E1
Queen Sirikit Conference Center E4+ Central Chidlom E1 Patpong S2
Siam Society (Kamthieng House) E4 Central Ladprao N8+ Pratunam (Wholesale clothing) E1+
Victory Monument N3 Chatuchak Weekend Market N8 Robinson Silom / Silom Complex S2
Hua Mark Stadium E8+ Emporium Shopping Center E5 Robinson Bangrak S6
National Sports Stadium W1 Gaysorn Plaza E1 Siam Discovery / Siam Center / Siam Square CS
Jim Thompson Thai House Museum W1 Mah Boon Krong (MBK) W1 World Trade Center E1
+ further transportation required